Saturday, December 26, 2009


I debated whether to pursue my usual writing routine this week. Ultimately, I decided to take a year-end break. I'm going to be on the road for the next few days anyway, so it makes sense for me to pause. Looking back, I've written about 300 posts in 2009 totaling 800 pages. Even a 17th Century Protestant banker would give himself a break after so much toil.

It has been quite a year for me. Yes, I've written a mountain. But more importantly I am finding myself. Every time I put my thoughts into writing, I add a piece to my personal testament. I started this blog to illuminate my philosophy on the world and its vexing ironies. I have learned a lot about myself simply by committing my views to paper. It is strangely satisfying to see what I think about so many issues. Unlike thought, writing is visible. Twenty years from now, I will be able to return to these pages to see what I thought in 2009. That is exciting.

If you need a Reason, Commerce or Justice fix before New Year's, feel free to raid my archives. Until 2010, I will rest my mind, read and reflect. I will check in every morning to answer comments, but I think I will hold off on posting. Of course, I reserve the right to post if something truly extraordinary occurs to me. And that happens without notice.

Thank you so much to all my readers. You keep me going. As long as you're here, I'll be here, too. Knowing that people read my blog has been my Christmas present this year.

Here's my best--and completely non-satirical--wishes for a peaceful and relaxing Holiday.



askcherlock said...

And a Happy New Year to you! Thanks for the intellectual insights you provide us all.

Balthazar Oesterhoudt said...

It's my pleasure. Thanks so much for reading. I already have a long list of topics to address once I start writing again. Be sure to check back in January 2!