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Do you wear eyeglasses? If you do, you know how difficult it can be to keep them in good shape. We know what you go through. How often do you break them, scratch them or sit on them? It seems no matter how much you try to protect them, you wind up losing them or dropping them on the floor. This is no laughing matter—glasses are expensive. It hurts to break or lose them. Plus you can’t see clearly in the meantime as you struggle to find replacements.

But you can defend yourself with GlassShield® glasses! At GlassShield®, we not only employ a full-service staff of professional optometrists* to find your prescription strength, but we also maintain our own production facility* to match your prescription to one of our beautiful, custom-made* frames. That’s right. You didn’t imagine it; you heard it right here. We both find your prescription AND manufacture the frames—all under one roof*. With GlassShield®, you can “one-stop-shop” for your glasses. No waiting or additional consultations here*. We value your time. We care about your glasses.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! We understand that your glasses are an investment. That’s why we offer our patented NoBreak™ insurance coverage for FREE* on every frame we sell at our stores. When you buy GlassShield® glasses with NoBreak™ coverage, you can sleep soundly at night, because no matter what happens to your glasses, we will replace or repair them—ABSOLUTELY FREE!* No, you are not dreaming. You heard it: ABSOLUTELY FREE!* If you sit on your glasses, no problem; we’ll fix them. If your son flushes them down the toilet, no problem; we’ll replace them. It’s time to take some stress out of your life. We can’t solve all your problems. But with NoBreak™ coverage, at least you’ll take away your worries when it comes to your glasses.

Come down to any one of our hundreds of U.S. locations for a consultation TODAY. Or call our TOLL-FREE number to place an order NOW at 1-800-420-SEEE. That’s 1-800-420-SEEE. Start living again. Stop worrying about your glasses. Buy them once and start reading the newspaper again. Stop worrying about scratching them on the kitchen counter. You won’t have to pay for repairs EVER AGAIN!* So what are you waiting for? CALL NOW! Our knowledgeable, professionally-trained staff* is standing by.

* See below:

MANDATORY DISCLOSURE UNDER STATE LAW: Offer not valid in all States. See individual store for details. GlassShield® contracts with optometrists at individual store locations and does not vouch for their professional qualifications or skill. GlassShield® expressly disclaims any liability for malpractice or tortious conduct committed by any optometrist with whom it maintains a contractual relationship. GlassShield® rents space in which it employs glass frame manufacturing craftsmen on an individual basis. It does not own a factory or centralized manufacturing facility. GlassShield® does not manufacture frames to individual taste. It offers prefabricated frames on a selective basis pursuant to State and local retail regulations. GlassShield ® does not perform optometry services in the same facility as it manufactures frames. The words “all under one roof” are mere sales puffery and are not intended to reflect actual facts. Rather, GlassShield® employs contractors and rents space at several locations throughout the Nation in order to perform the services indicated in the above advertisement. Customers may wait or require additional consultations depending on demand, office circumstances, supply, and other factors. This advertisement creates no right, entitlement or privilege concerning wait time or service quality. GlassShield® reserves the right to alter service quality at will without notice. NoBreak™ insurance coverage is underwritten by the Fourth State Bank of Oklahoma, N.A., and is not free. Rather, the cost of the program is factored into the price of all GlassShield® optometry and frame sales and services. NoBreak™ insurance coverage excludes all accidental damage, loss, scratching or breakage. NoBreak™ insurance coverage excludes all intentional damage, loss, scratching or breakage. NoBreak™ insurance coverage excludes all damage, loss, scratching or breakage whatsoever, of any kind or nature, absolutely and for all time, any law or court order notwithstanding. Replacement and repair costs are borne exclusively by customer. GlassShield®’s call center sales staff are “professional” to the extent that such sales staff: (1) Speak English as a second language; (2) Can use a telephone with call waiting and hold technology; and (3) Received at least a 50% score on a 20-question quiz following a 1-hour GlassShield® informational seminar. GlassShield®’s call center sales staff are not employees of GlassShield® and in no way have authority to bargain for, bind or otherwise obligate GlassShield® to any contractual liability whatsoever.

SUPPLEMENTAL DISCLOSURE UNDER STATE LAW: By entering into a sales relationship with GlassShield®, all customers waive their right to a jury trial in case of any dispute concerning GlassShield®’s products or services. In case of any such dispute, GlassShield® shall appoint an arbitrator to resolve the issue from its Tulsa, Oklahoma sales office; and such arbitration shall take place in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All costs associated therewith shall be borne exclusively by the Customer. Any decision in favor of the Customer shall be appealable to GlassShield®’s Board of Directors. Any decision in favor of GlassShield® shall be final, binding and unappealable. By entering into a sales relationship with GlassShield®, Customer waives any right to claim that any GlassShield® contract is, was or shall be unconscionable or unenforceable. By entering into a sales relationship with GlassShield®, Customer has no procedural or substantive rights whatsoever, except the right to own, possess and take title to any goods purchased in-hand paid, liability wherefor (including liability for gross negligence, malice or defectiveness leading to catastrophic personal injury or death) is hereby expressly disclaimed.

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