Wednesday, June 3, 2009


By : Rush Hudson Limbaugh III, Media Commentator and Spokesman for the Republican Party and the true United States of America; Barack Obama Opponent; College Dropout; Proponent of Traditional American values; Equal Opportunity Employer; Divorcé; Anti-Drug Crusader; Proponent of Harsh Penalties for Drug Offenders; Drug-Free since 2006.

Several weeks ago, I said I hope Barack Hussein Obama fails in everything he does. I meant it then, and I mean it now. I hope he slips on a banana peel in front of the White House. I hope a terrorist flies a plane right into his bedroom window. I hope his black kids get cancer and die. I hope his black wife cheats on him with some hulking NBA star and he lies about it to the press. I hope the Senate impeaches him for lying. I hope Middle Eastern governments declare war on the United States so we have an excuse to get this Magic Negro out of our lives for good. In short, I hope Barack Hussein Obama never tastes success ever again. And I hope he dies a painful death bitter, forgotten and alone.

I am not a racist. I just think that black people are stupid. I don’t personally hire them to do anything meaningful on my show. I don’t invite them over for dinner parties or to watch Monday Night Football. That doesn’t mean I’m a racist. When it comes to employment, I don’t discriminate. I just hire people who can do the job. And that means no blacks. It hurts me when people say I’m a racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. Racism is bad for America. I am trying to save America from racism. That’s why I oppose Barack Obama and his white-hating racist Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor.

We solved the race problem in this country a long time ago. In fact, as soon as old Abe Lincoln set the darkies free back in 1865, all our racial problems immediately disappeared. Yet black folk say that America still treats them worse than everyone else. They say that the law and our society make it difficult for them to achieve the same success as white folk. They say they go to prison in a greater proportion than whites; they say they die earlier than whites; and they say they earn less money than whites; they say it’s harder for them to get jobs than whites. Well why not? They are black. You know what blacks are like. They say the police assume all black people are all criminals. Well I have news for them: In most cases, they are. How can you blame a cop for assuming a black guy in a doo rag is a criminal? Numbers don’t lie. Blacks commit crime. Whites go to work and pay taxes. These facts do not prove there is racism in America. This is just the way things are. Blacks act black and whites act white. In fact, it smacks of ingratitude when black folks demand more advantages and “help” in American society. For goodness sakes, we already freed you! And you have a “brother” in the White House! What more do you want? We even call them people now; we used to call them property. That’s a big improvement. But no, that’s not enough for them—now they want equal pay, equal dignity, equal job opportunities and an equal chance at happiness in America. What a bunch of whining ingrates. If you want to be successful, shut up and get in line like everyone else.

Our government has bent over backward to help black people. Congress has wasted lifetimes trying to “level the playing field” between whites and blacks. In so doing, they have given black people entitlement after entitlement. In the process, our federal government has transformed black people into “the favorite of the laws.” So many laws favor black people; a white guy can’t get a word in edgewise anymore. If it ever comes down to a black candidate and a white candidate, the white guy should just quit the contest. Blacks get special bonuses in employment, education, housing…you name it, they get it. Your average white guy doesn’t stand a chance anymore. The sad part is that blacks don’t even need the help. Our Constitution already abolished slavery and guaranteed “equal protection” to everyone under the law. See, e.g., U.S. Const. Amds. XIII and XIV. Doesn’t that clear it up once and for all? I mean, they’re not slaves anymore and they are equal under law. What more do they want? There is no more racism in America. All this talk about “past discrimination” and “historical inferiority” just makes me sick. Black people need to stop living in the past. Basically, they need to stop whining, stop committing crimes, get up off their butts and go to work. If they get less pay it’s just because they are dumber than the white guy who does the same job. This isn’t about racism. It’s about ability and freedom.

But neither Congress nor Barack “the Magic Negro” Obama seems to understand this. They think black people face monumental injustices every day, even though they are not slaves anymore. They selfishly claim that blacks need even more help to overcome the “legacy of state-sponsored racism” and the “ignominy of slavery.” Excuse me, but this is ridiculous. These are historical problems, not modern-day issues. I don’t whine about something my ancestors endured. I just get up and go to work like any other guy. If black people want to help themselves, they should stop worrying about what happened in the 19th Century and get a fucking job in the 21st Century. But then they start complaining that they can’t get jobs because racism kept them from getting an education, and that’s why they turned to crime. You see the cycle? What self-serving bullshit. I am not a racist, but what a bunch of lazy, cowardly losers. No matter what the Magic Negro says about it, black people face no real challenges. They are legally equal to everyone. All their whining about “practical inequality in American society” is just one big excuse for their own laziness. Once you are equal in law, you are equal in fact. If you think otherwise, you are just imagining it. And you’re certainly not going to get anywhere imagining that something that happened in 1840 is still affecting you today.

Racism is over in America because we amended the Constitution. By abolishing slavery, we abolished racism. We live in a “post-racial” society. Everyone has an equal chance to succeed in America, and we are all Americans. Ancestry, race, national origin and language are irrelevant to the question whether we are Americans. Race does not matter anymore. Yet Barack Obama thinks it does. Now he’s trying to appoint Sonia Sotomayor to the United States Supreme Court. This Puerto Rican dragon-lady is a racist. She wants to introduce race back into the national dialogue. She thinks that ancestry, race and national origin actually affect the way people view issues. She thinks a white male might not be able to empathize with problems faced by blacks and Hispanics. She does not understand that race does not matter anymore. If anything, she wants to give special treatment to “minorities” because they are “disadvantaged.” No they aren’t. In our post-racial society, everyone is the same, whether they are black, white, Russian, Chinese or Sioux. Everyone is equal under our Constitution, and to suggest that black people deserve more “empathy” than white people is pure racism.

Racism is a thing of the past. But Sotomayor says she want to “freshen” the “conservative Supreme Court” with her “Latina” perspective. In a word, Sotomayor wants to make her heritage relevant to constitutional issues. This is despicable racism. Sure, lots of Supreme Court cases involve race. In fact, Sotomayor herself recently decided a case in which she refused to allow white firefighters to sue a Connecticut municipality for throwing out results from an officers’ test because no black people passed it. See Ricci v. De Stefano, Docket No. 06-4996 (Ct. App. 2d Cir.). When racism is clear in cases like that, aggrieved people need a remedy. White people can suffer discrimination, too, especially when vengeful blacks assume powerful positions over them. Sotomayor is always going to take sides in these disputes. She is always going to assume that the “bad whites” are sticking it to the “good blacks and Puerto Ricans.” But what about the white people? White people need help, too. We were here first. We used to own you guys. We conquered Puerto Rico and its natives. Now you want to discriminate against us? What the hell is going on here? Is the world upside down? Put simply, racism now only exists among vengeful blacks with a bone to pick with history. If Sotomayor is confirmed to the Supreme Court, she is going to splatter her racist agenda all over the United States.

Something strange happened to racism in America. In the old days, it was OK to treat black people like property because they were property. They were legally different. Since 1865, however, black people have achieved so many legal advantages and protections that they have gotten uppity. Now, all their advantages have rendered white people second-class citizens. Black people took constitutional language intended to equalize them and exploited it to make white people unequal. In short, black people want race to matter because it helps them get unfair advantages. Hey, if I ran a crooked poker game, I wouldn’t want to tilt the table back, either. Just ask a white Harvard applicant whether it’s better to be black or white. To get into Harvard now as a white kid, you need to be Albert Einstein, Lance Armstrong, Shakespeare, Michael Jordan and Mozart all rolled into one. But if you’re black, you just need to be able to form full sentences in pidgin English. Why? Because all these goddamned federal initiatives make race relevant to educational decisionmaking. This is racism, pure and simple. Defenders say these measures “help black people overcome historical prejudice and the injuries of past discrimination.” Oh really? So all the really smart white kids need to suffer to avenge so-called “crimes” allegedly committed by their ancestors? This is no solution. And in fact, there is no need for a solution to past racism because it doesn’t exist anymore. Why come up with a solution to a problem that is gone? It is fucking stupid. It says “past racism.” “Past” means that something is not here anymore. There is no more racism, so why are we trying to remedy a problem that is gone? I get all worked up just thinking about it.

We need to stand fast against Sotomayor and the race-baiters. Black people and “minorities” have absolutely nothing to complain about. We live a post-racial society where every person enjoys “equal protection” under the law. When we treat some citizens differently based on race, we perpetuate racism. Today, the only people who suffer racism are white. I hate racism. When I see proud white people suffering indignities at the hands of overprivileged blacks, my blood boils. I recoil from injustice. Race should never influence government decisionmaking because that leads to racism and unfair advantages in our society. In America, we believe in equality. We do not practice what we preach when we give black people “extra points” for being black. Qualified white people rightly feel outrage when they lose their Yale seats to some silver-spoon drug dealer from a crack-infested Brooklyn housing project. When people obtain advantages based on their skin color, something is wrong. White people do not deserve to suffer discrimination. Racism is wrong. Yet Sonia Sotomayor will perpetuate this dangerous cycle. She will make skin color relevant; and she will afford preferential treatment to people simply because they were lucky enough to be born a negro. Every American who believes in equality should condemn this repugnant racism.

Liberals say I’m a racist because I condescend, generalize, stereotype and patronize black people. They say I’m a racist because I use epithets like “porch money,” “darkie,” “negro,” “boy” and “coon” on my radio show. But I never use the “N-word” on the air. They say I have no sympathy for the institutional difficulties that black people face every day in America. But all my critics miss the point. I believe in equality, law and freedom; that makes it impossible for me to be a racist. Racism means you think a certain race is inferior. But how could I think that if I believe in the law? Our law says everyone is equal. According to the law, no one is inferior. Thus, according to the law, I don’t think anyone is legally inferior. Black people are our legal equals. Among my legal equals, I am free to choose the people with whom I want to associate. Black people are not the same as I am. They smell differently than I do. They drop the “R” sound from words ending in “R,” such as “floor,” “door” or “store.” They have black skin. They have different-looking hair. They call each other “homie,” not “buddy.” They commit crimes. They leech welfare money. They never get married and have 67 children out of wedlock. They initiate frivolous lawsuits. They encourage children to commit crimes with rap music about drive-by shootings. They live differently than I do. They might be my legal equals, but that doesn’t mean I have to invite them over for dinner. And just because I don’t invite someone over for dinner does not make me a racist. I don’t think blacks are inferior; I just think they are different from me in a worse way. I believe in freedom. Freedom means the freedom to think that others are different. Freedom means the freedom to hire whomever you want in private business. Freedom means the freedom to invite whomever you want over to dinner without governmental interference. And last I checked, America stands for freedom.

But Sotomayor is a racist. She wants to wage war on freedom by making race relevant to governmental policy again. It is so not 1865 anymore. Our government does not tolerate distinctions based on race, whether or not those distinctions aid or injure their subjects. Yet Sotomayor thinks the Constitution empowers government to “right the wrongs of history” by awarding special treatment to blacks and Hispanics. No it doesn’t. If anything, our Constitution forbids discriminating against white people. There is no more racism against blacks, Hispanics, Japs or redskins because we are all equal under law. But white people suffer injustice every day. They need help now; and Sotomayor will definitely not give it to them. She thinks all white people are evil conservative slaveowners who deserve to be punished for not being politically correct. Well, I have news for her: That is racism. She thinks white people are inferior because they are tyrannical and evil. Or at least their great-great-grandfathers were tyrannical and evil.

If you believe in freedom, you will tell your Senator to vote down Sotomayor. Make Obama fail. Tell him that racism has no place in American life. And tell him that white people refuse to live in bondage any longer.

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