Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I finally had to surrender some prime writing time to make some money. For the last year, I have managed to stay afloat without having to seek "traditional employment." Over that time, I had free rein to indulge my creative interests. Yet my cash supply has been running dangerously low for a while now, and today I am off to do a little consulting job to pay the rent this month. Thankfully it pays pretty well and it only lasts two days. I apologize for not posting during this time. Until I get a steady patron--or some wealthy financier buys my catalogue--I will periodically have to suspend the blog to make a few extra dollars here and there. Believe me, this is not my will. This is cruel commercial necessity.

It is nice to have money. It lets you spend time the way you want and elude the legal vengeance of spurned creditors. Working provides some cash. But you sacrifice so much to get it, leaving virtually no time to enjoy the freedom it can offer. For the last few years, I have learned that balance is everything. I need money just as much as the next guy, yet I refuse to unbalance my mind in order to get it. I only want as much as I need. If I thirsted for more, I would find myself at a law firm or some other God awful place from morning to night. This I refuse to do. This is not laziness; it is conscience. I always "work." I just avoid "employment." There is an enormous difference.

I hope this message finds you all well. As always, I am grateful for everyone who stops in to read my posts. Even after writing without pause for a year, I still feel inspired. I still have a long list of issues I want to discuss. In that light, how can I surrender my time to mundane commercial pursuits when there is so much Reason, Commerce, Justice & Free Beer to be had?

Here's to financial independence, spiritual independence, self-definition and a life of purer motivations.


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