Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This is really the first year I've noticed that people don't do anything in August. They don't do much in July, either, but August in New York is just catatonic. There's no one here. They've all gone to beaches or retreats. All the "professionals" are "summering." Try making an appointment or a prescription in August. It's a nightmare.

I've even noticed that traffic on my blog has dropped off dramatically in August. In that light, I think I am going to jump on the bandwagon and reduce my own work load for the rest of the summer. This does not mean I will stop writing altogether until September; I will just post more sporadically than usual. I don't like to stop writing, but in my experience I've always found that it's a good decision to close up shop for a while. This seems like the best time to do it, since no one is around anyway.

I will write some short pieces over the next week or so, but I will hold off from diving into my usual "issue list" until the temperature drops and people come back (both physically and intellectually) from the beach. I still have major questions to address. But I won't waste my time analyzing them until life resumes in September.

Thanks again to everyone who logs in for Reason, Commerce, Justice and Free Beer! If my output over the next week is too low for you, I welcome you to simply check out my archives. There's never a shortage there.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!



Nothing Profound said...

Enjoy the break, Balthazar! Meanwhile, I'm coming to catch up on a few of your posts.

Timoteo said...

You'll come back refreshed and full of "piss and vinegar!"

Balthazar Oesterhoudt said...

I must say I am enjoying the break so far. It's amazing what some time away can do for the creative drive. I've already assembled a huge list of new topics to address once I've rested up.

Thanks for checking in!