Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It's unusual for me to go several days without writing a post. Since September last year, I have weathered many changes. I even moved from Chicago to New York. But I always managed to keep my mornings free to craft out the myriad ideas I had assembled for so long before I started writing this blog. This week, however, some real household problems sprang up that have denied me the chance to concentrate and write in the morning. Worse, they have made it hard for me to sleep, and I can't write anything when I'm exhausted.

I've never really written an "explanatory" post like this. But today I think it's appropriate because I really don't know when these hard times will end. My life partner is going through hell with medications; his troubles spill directly into my life. For the moment, I do not have any untroubled hours to spend writing. I have faith that things will improve soon, but I can't say how fast all this will pass. In the meantime, I must attend to some genuine stresses.

It is actually surprising that I have written for so long without a substantial interruption. But life rarely cooperates for long. I can't foresee how life will turn. I can't really even explain why things happen. I just need to step up and deal with them when life deals me funny cards.

Please feel free to browse me archives. And I promise to start posting again as soon as my circumstances permit.

I am so tired. I haven't slept a real night's sleep in about two weeks now. Please forgive me for suspending my writing until I get things under control here.


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