Friday, December 26, 2008


You may have noticed that I did not post anything yesterday or today. Never fear; I am still here. I am simply taking a much-needed mental break at a very natural time to take a much-needed mental break. Looking back over the last three months, I am amazed that I have generated as many posts as I have. Thank you all very much to all those who have taken the time to read my work and to comment on it. You can look forward to more material from me as we move into 2009.

I often write about cynicism. Cynicial values guide my analysis on many points because commerce depends on a cynical view of humanity. But there is a time and a place for trust--and even some unabashed feel-good sappiness--in life. The world may be fundamentally flawed in many ways, but at bottom I am still very hopeful and positive about my own life. If I had money, I think I would keep just enough to allow myself to keep writing without worry, then give the rest away. I think I have a lot to live for, if only because I have so much to observe! Writing is my joy. Although my pieces may often ring negative, I hope you can understand that I intend to move minds. When we understand clearly that there is wrong, injustice, cruelty and pettiness in the world, we can take steps against it, even if only on an individual level. I hope that my satires have that jarring, eye-opening effect. I suppose that is the hope of any artist. Having said that, I do not claim to be an artist. I think artists hold themselves a bit too highly. I am just an observer. I simply sense the times and write about how absurd they are. As I get older, I make more and more sense out of both my own life and the times in which I live. I am grateful for that. I still think I am youthful, but I feel that I have amassed enough experience to finally feel slightly wise. Throughout my teens and twenties I had a presumptuous idea that I already knew everything because I read things. Now, in my thirties, I am relieved to admit I know very little. I can simply recount my own impressions, memories, opinions, beliefs and thoughts. That is all I really have. I never claim to be right.

Although my posts normally breathe with cynicism, today I do not. I sincerely wish you all a happy and restful holiday week. We all need rest, despite what our employers think.

In coming days, I will return with renewed vigor to bring you essays and satires on all your favorite subjects and more. To mock advertisers, I might even say: "BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!" In 2009, we will have much new ground to break. And we will doubtlessly have new absurdities to explore.

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