Monday, February 2, 2009


"Political Parties for a Changing World"

By : Mr. Henry B. Brenning, Editor-in-Chief, Party President and Advocate

In America, we protect the right to free speech. Unlike repressive governments in China, Iran and North Korea, we allow our citizens to speak their minds. We tolerate criticism. We let every voice be heard, even if those voices anger ruling government authorities. As a rule, we do not silence political or intellectual dissent. I, for one, am proud to be an American because America protects my right to express myself.

Our First Amendment promises free speech, thought, conscience and expression. Our law does not ban speech because it is “offensive;” rather, the Constitution tolerates a “marketplace of ideas” in which every idea jockeys for popular support. In short, it is not for government to say what ideas are good; it is for the People to choose what to believe.

But some ideas are dangerous. Dangerous ideas harm order, undermine commerce and damage traditional values. When in writing, bad ideas circulate more quickly, spreading political upheaval. Nobody wants rebellion in America. Americans just want to go about their lives, make some money, watch the Super Bowl and raise their families. They do not want a new political order, nor do they want to pollute their minds with radical ideas. Although the First Amendment protects ideas, it does not tolerate dangerous ideas. Dangerous writings should be burned, not tolerated.

We, the Book Burners’ Association for Selective Intellectual Tolerance, believe that there are proper ideas and dangerous ideas. Proper ideas deserve intellectual protection. Such ideas find expression in commercial messages, approved school textbooks and history primers that support our free market system. Other proper writings include real estate pamphlets, Bibles, daily sheets and essays expressing approval for free market economics. Dangerous ideas include Marxist tracts, revolutionary leaflets, social satires, libelous gossip about public figures and indecent picture books. Essentially, any idea that teaches actual equality, social justice or tolerance is dangerous. If in writing, it should be burned.

Why do we advocate book burning? Simple: Because dangerous ideas cause trouble. Bad action begins with bad ideas. Ideas convey information. They bring one man’s vision to others. Without imparting his vision, no man could motivate others to action. Government should not have to wait until harmful ideas mature into harmful action. Instead, it should have the power to protect the social order by stamping out ideas before they can motivate anyone to action. If a book is burned, no one can read it. If that book contains dangerous ideas, no one can share those ideas or take action upon them. True, a person who knows the book well can speak about the ideas contained in the book. But books convey ideas far more easily—and more widely—than a single man’s voice. Our police authorities can handle individual rabble-rousers. By burning books, we prevent people from becoming rabble-rousers in the first place.

We love the First Amendment. But we understand that our society depends on selective intellectual tolerance, not unfettered freedom. Government could not stand if it allowed dangerous ideas to circulate through the populace. Without orderly government, Americans would not enjoy economic prosperity or wealth. Without orderly government, there would be riots, revolts and discord. No one wants that. People just want to go to work and go home; they do not want complicated lives. The Book Burners’ Association promises to protect Americans from complications in their lives by shielding them from dangerous ideas. We believe that our free market system provides maximal happiness to the largest possible segment of our population. To sustain that system, we cannot afford to tolerate all intellectual expression.

Burning books will solve many problems. Yet we understand that it is no longer 1930. Today, people engage in mass communication in new ways. In that light, we promise not just to monitor writings, but also to monitor “tangible” electronic communications. We promise to create Oversight Bureaus that regulate email, blogs, MySpace pages and other internet postings. When the Bureaus detect dangerous ideas, they will immediately destroy them and alert the authorities. Internet posters may think they can undermine the social order. But they are wrong; under our administration, no ISP will be safe from detection. We want to protect America, and that means adapting with the times. In a word, Book Burners are going digital.

Detractors say that we wage war on freedom. We could not disagree more. Dangerous ideas wage war on freedom, not us. In fact, we wage war on ideas that wage war on freedom. To that extent, we defend freedom; we do not damage it. Freedom is a tricky term. Dissidents say freedom means the liberty to say what they want. We say freedom means the liberty of an average American to live a comfortable life without complication or worry. Viewed in those terms, we protect freedom, while dissidents undermine it. We aim simply to make the largest number of people happy in our society. We also aim to minimize confusion. The “marketplace of ideas” is a wonderful concept. But most Americans do not have the subtlety to separate good ideas from dangerous ones. If elected, we promise to protect Americans from that confusion. We will do the thinking for them.

Our economy faces distress because we tolerate too much speech. If you care about the economy and your job, put a party in power than will protect you from dangerous ideas. Dangerous ideas created this mess; if we were in control, no one would have lost a job. Protect America from confusion and discord. Take a stand for freedom by burning a dangerous book. Do not let dissident intellectuals undermine the social order upon which you depend for your livelihood. Send a message that you do not appreciate attempts to disturb your comfortable life. And why take a risk that someone will infect you with a dangerous idea? Vote for your own mental tranquility. By burning books, who knows how many sleepless nights you will avoid. By destroying ideas today, we eliminate the chance that they will bother you tomorrow.

Sleep easy. Vote for Book Burners. And protect freedom.

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