Tuesday, February 10, 2009


By : Mr. William F. Biggins, M.B.A., Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Opportunity Partners Ltd., a Delaware Corporation Consisting of Professional Corporations

Private enterprise drives this Nation. From our earliest history, men ventured to America to stake their own ground. They wrung fortunes from the barren salt of the earth. They defended hearth and home against bandits and raiders. And they did all this without assistance: They worked. They fought. They gained. Americans are pioneers; they survive no matter what life throws at them.

Despite our proud heritage, we find ourselves in dangerous times. Our free market system teeters on the brink. Unemployment rises to Depression-era levels. Hard-working Americans have lost their homes. Our currency has lost international value and our trade deficit burgeons. Put simply, we face an unprecedented crisis. Last November, Americans voted for Barack Obama to “bring change” to the United States. Now, Congress debates the best way to save our Nation from economic ruin.

Obama and his Democrats say that free market “excess” led to this crisis. They say that “unregulated” banks, financiers and corporations deceived, plundered and drove Americans into poverty. They say that greed, self-interest and unrestricted free market practices cause destitution. Applying these views, they now seek to reduce private businesses to State control. They seek to monitor private economic activity and punish legitimate attempts to win private profits. They say they want to protect Americans.

We say they are wrong. We salute House Republicans for refusing to jump on the Obama Socialist Bandwagon because they know that free enterprise is not the problem. Rather, they understand that government—not business—led to this crisis. If government had not squandered trillions on undeserving welfare recipients or fraudulently “injured” veterans, private business would have been able to hire more workers. If government had not taxed companies into the ground, they would have been able to expand operations rather than curtail them. If government had not made it difficult to sell stock to the public, more Americans would have more wealth. Finally, if government had not made it so costly to comply with inane laws, every American would have a job right now.

Put simply, American government is hostile to private enterprise. That hostility has made it impossible for private enterprise to provide employment; and now every American suffers for it. Government says it is merely trying to protect Americans. In fact, it is hurting them. When government slaps private business with fees, taxes, regulations, oversight and inspections, it increases costs. When costs increase, there is no money left for jobs. When there are no jobs, Americans go homeless and hungry. Thus, while government may think it is protecting Americans by regulating private business, it is actually driving them into poverty. Americans would rather have money than know that every building has handicapped access. Americans would rather buy a home than know they work in an integrated workplace. Americans would rather send their children to college than protect a worthless bog in Oklahoma.

Government is the problem, not the solution. This is what Obama and the “socialist-Democrats” do not understand. They believe that we can save the Nation by expanding government power. This is madness.

We believe that America needs a complete overhaul. The question is not whether Democrats or Republicans control Congress or the White House. The question is how to make America more efficient. For decades, modern American government has grown to be remarkably inefficient. If America were a private business, it would have gone bankrupt years ago. It wastes money. It operates on perennial deficits. It expends valuable energy on initiatives for “freedom, foreign aid and equality” that will generate no future profit. It struggles to see that every man can enjoy constitutional liberty.

From an efficiency standpoint, this is sheer lunacy. It is time to discard wasteful systems. The Constitution has failed. To restore prosperity to America, we must incorporate. Throughout our history, private enterprise sustained the government. Private enterprise generated the wealth that made government strong. Yet in recent years, government has spurned the very enterprises that made it strong. We will no longer tolerate this. Now, private enterprise will rule this Nation, not the government. To that end, we will reconstitute “The United States of America, a Federal Republic” as “The United States of America, Inc., a private corporation.”

Corporate management will restore efficiency to America. As in any corporation, a prudent Board of Directors will oversee State affairs in America. Popular sovereignty does not work. It does not make sense to give everyone the vote; now, only shareholders will be able to vote. Shareholders with more shares will have more voting power. This is only just. After all, those with more money and property should have greater political rights than those with less. In the past, government wasted valuable resources in a futile attempt to guarantee “equal access” to the vote. What good does it do to empower people who do not matter? Under the new corporate regime, management will serve only those who matter. If Americans truly want to influence management, they must buy in. Junior shares will cost $500. Senior shares will cost $1,000. Elite shares will cost $1,500. And preferred elite shares will cost $10,000.

We must think differently. In today’s economic climate, it makes no sense to waste time fighting for worthless people. We must devote our national energy solely to those with economic power. When private enterprise flourishes, so does everyone else. When jobs are plentiful, people are happy. Under a corporate regime, government can concentrate its efforts on economic matters, not meaningless theoretical abstractions. It will no longer need to focus on unprofitable matters such as “equality,” “Due Process,” or “fairness.” Now, the inquiry will be straightforward: “Will it make money or not?” Additionally, by transforming government into a private venture, we will no longer be forced to waste money on public accounting, transparency or free information. We will also massively reduce the size of government by abolishing antiquated institutions such as the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Supreme Court and the State Department. By adopting a corporate structure, we guarantee efficiency without carrying dead weight. If a program or institution does not make a profit, we cut it. And by eliminating federal law, no one can question the Board’s decisions. This will reduce litigation and speed results.

Corporations are efficient because they are free to pursue profitable ends without explaining themselves. The old constitutional government had other duties beyond profit. It even had to maintain a “public” appearance. Now, the Board can meet in private. It will owe no duty to brief the press or even to tell the truth. As long as it maintains economic strength, it will do its job. If the shareholders do not like it, they can elect new Directors.

Americans do not want equality, justice or freedom. They want good-paying jobs and homes. Private corporate management is far better equipped to provide jobs and homes than a bloated public commonwealth dedicated to muddled, inapplicable ideals. Furthermore, Americans want the chance to profit from their own labor. They do not want to hand over their paycheck to subsidize illegitimate children, lazy mothers, the sick, the elderly, the crippled, the dying, the retarded or the insane. They want to know that their corporation works for them, not someone else. Under a corporate regime, they will have a direct stake in the future of the country. No more will Americans say: “What good will it do to vote? I won’t even get to keep my money.” Now, they will have the chance to work hard, make their own money and buy shares in the corporation. That, in turn, will give them the chance to vote for Directors who will maximize their profits. Moreover, Americans will have a direct interest in the country’s success, because shareholders will receive annual stock dividends from the company. What better reason is there to work hard for the Nation than for the chance to receive a big dividend check at year’s end? Under the constitutional system, government only took citizens’ money. Under the corporate regime, the company will give money back to its industrious shareholders.

We must do what must be done. No federal tinkering or spending binges will rescue America from the financial hole created by public government. Rather, only full-scale privatization can save this Nation from utter ruin. We have lived in a constitutional system since 1787. Since that time, we have learned a great deal. Private enterprise gave the Republic the strength it needed to fulfill constitutional ideals. Now, constitutional ideals are too costly to bear. Now, idealistic government threatens to suffocate the very private enterprise that sustained it in the first place. Now, the weak govern and the strong struggle to pay the bills.

It is time to reverse this unnatural order. The Constitution has run its course. The age of abstract public government is over. The age of efficient corporate management is about to begin. People want profit, not principles. Principles do not pay mortgages or create jobs. By incorporating this country, we can give the people what they want. Together, we can return America to the people who matter. In so doing, everyone will be better off. Incorporate TODAY.

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