Sunday, February 15, 2009


By : Mr. John Boehner, B.S. (Business Studies) (R-OH), United States House of Representatives, Republican Leader

Earlier this week, the United States House of Representatives passed President Obama’s “stimulus package” over unified Republican opposition. The United States Senate followed suit, sending the bill to the President for signature. This is a sad day for America. Americans have no idea what this legislation will do. This is “tyranny by the majority;” and House Republicans will not stand for it.

We live in pressing times. All Americans want to overcome the financial crisis that has paralyzed Wall Street. In last year’s election, Americans foolishly chose Barack Hussein Obama to lead them through this crisis. Responding to hackneyed calls for “change,” Americans entrusted this monumental task to a political neophyte with African ancestry. Democrats made substantial gains in Congress, too, giving Obama a virtual “clean slate” to enact radical legislation. Americans clamored for rapid recovery. They clamored for unemployment insurance, health benefits, mortgage protection, child care and tax rebates. Congress obliged. Within weeks after Obama’s inauguration on January 20, they passed an enormous stimulus bill totaling $820 billion without a single tax cut for business.

Republicans led a principled stand against this waste. We argued that economic times may be desperate, but we refused to countenance any bill with more spending than tax cuts. After all, consumers and “average Americans” got themselves in this mess by spending beyond their means. It makes no sense to target innocent banks, lenders, credit card companies, business owners and manufacturers for the sins of the masses. Banks, business owners and manufacturers create wealth by offering employment. They cannot do that without tax cuts. Higher taxes mean fewer private sector jobs. Obama’s “stimulus” bill does not provide a single tax cut. Rather, it vilifies enterprising business owners and crushes them with taxes intended to benefit homeless mothers and abortion doctors. We Republicans voted against this tomfoolery. And we believe that Obama is leading America down a dangerous, un-American road.

Americans do not know the truth about this “stimulus package.” Like starry-eyed children, they trust Obama to save them from unemployment and bankruptcy. They blindly follow his every move like mice following the Pied Piper. They avert their eyes from the enormous changes he plans to make. The press exerts no check upon him; virtually every mainstream news network praises Obama for his “vision and direction.” Only FOX News fairly treats the issues. Sean Hannity, a commentator at FOX, ventured that the “stimulus bill” amounts to “socialism.” He is more right than he knows. Mainstream media outlets castigate House Republicans for “defying the Will of the People.” But they misunderstand us: We House Republicans are fighting for much, much more: We are fighting to protect life as we know it.

We believe it is our duty to inform the American public about the “stimulus package.” It is a veritable orgy of government spending that will upend the entire American social order. Nancy Pelosi and her leering Democratic minions mislead the public by claiming that the bill contains “poor relief, unemployment insurance, government assistance and private sector regulation.” These are gross mischaracterizations. In fact, as Sean Hannity hinted, the bill topples our free market system and replaces it with a communist State. Unless we act now, we will no longer live in a free democracy. We will live in a Soviet Republic.

Private enterprise drives this Nation’s prosperity. Any sensible economist knows that. Yet the “stimulus package” wages open war private enterprise. In little-known sections, the bill outlaws property ownership beyond $100,000 net worth per family. It also creates a “Federal Soviet Collectivized Farming Bureau” that will regulate how much grain individual farmers can harvest. The bill amends the Constitution to permit free abortions for any man or woman who wants one. Worse, the “stimulus package” creates a “People’s Soviet Health Network” in which every American citizen may obtain high-quality health care at no cost. Another section empowers a “Federal Soviet Wealth Equalization Commissar” to seize private land and transfer it to homeless beggars. Yet another section guarantees all Americans the right to employment at government expense, while another symbolically declares: “Economic recovery depends primarily upon the dignity and equality of every American.” To secure that “dignity and equality,” the bill abolishes corporations, promises free housing and creates a “Federal Soviet Food Distribution Commissariat” through which every American may receive hot meals at no cost.

Socialism? This is communist tyranny.

Americans deserve to know what Obama and his Democratic thugs are planning. At this very moment, the “stimulus package” awaits the President’s signature. We House Republicans attempted to slow him down, but to no avail. We tried our best to stop this bill. We believe that American have a right to know what “recovery” means in President Obama’s book. This bill does not just cripple industry with burdensome “green” regulations and mandatory unemployment insurance for workers. It also replaces the Star Spangled Banner with this song: It mandates that the President publicly wear a fur ashanka hat—with a red star pin—during all public appearances. It also gives poor black mothers the opportunity to profoundly influence public policy through the “Poverty and Urban Issue Reconciliation Board,” which permits any unmarried black mother to decide on city budgets, public works projects, wages and work hours. By the same token, the bill empowers the Federal government to seize savings from white families and transfer them to black families. The bill allows black people to cut white people in any line in all 50 States. It abolishes the death penalty, labeling it a “medieval anachronism that sullies respect for the law and disproportionately affects racial minorities.” It replaces all white federal judges with unemployed black men who have served prison time. And it creates a mandatory presumption in all criminal statutes that a white person committed the crime, not a black one. In short, this bill proves Obama to be a radical race-baiter who aims to take revenge on white America for perceived injury to his ancestors. In a word, we must stop this attack on the American way of life; and time is running out.

America does not want communism. America just wants to get back to normal. Americans had no idea what Obama really meant when he said: “Change we can believe in.” Through skillful oratory, exploitation, well-told lies and a complicit press, Obama cleverly disguised his true intentions from the American people. American voters thought Obama would bring minor changes to their lives in order to restore their jobs and the free market economy. They had no idea that Obama meant a “change” from capitalism to communism. Americans do not want communism. They do not know how to live without worrying about bills, health care, wages, taxes, rent, heat and child support. They simply will not know what to do when the government starts providing them with free housing, medical care, food, laundry service, legal representation, babysitters, college education and even employment. Americans like to be worried about money. They like to know that they might not get a job, or that they might go bankrupt paying unforeseen medical bills. They like fending for themselves in a hard, free market. They like proving that “they can do it,” no matter how hopeless their circumstances may be. Uncertainty about money makes life risky and exciting. Americans like working three low-wage jobs in order to pay for their children’s needs. Under the “stimulus package,” they will suddenly face no more economic worries. This will be a profound shock. All psychologists agree that rapidly moving from “extreme anxiety” to “total calm” can cause dementia and even heart failure. Yet Obama ignores these risks. By solving Americans’ money worries overnight, Obama places millions of our citizens in direct physical danger. We Republicans fought to keep Americans worried about money. We regret to say that we failed.

But this is not the end. If you do not want to live in an Obamian-Marxist utopia, take to the streets. Tell Congress that you have been misled. Tell the government that you do not want to stop worrying about money. Tell the government that you refuse to give up your property to homeless black mothers and abortioneers. Tell the government that you would much rather spend your own $45,000 for a magnetic resonance image. Tell the government that you do not need a social safety net; you would rather be homeless than receive help from a monolithic government bureau that treats everyone equally. Tell the government that you do not want to stand trial before convicted black felons on the federal bench. And tell government that you would rather die than receive free, top-quality healthcare. You have a right to worry about money. You have a right to live in an unequal society. Obama threatens to take away your rights. How can you just sit there and let this happen? Do you want to be treated the same as ignorant immigrants, smelly beggars and homosexual, drug-addicted HIV patients? This is what Obama wants to do. Only you can stop him. Take to the streets now to stop tyranny before it overtakes our lives.

We do not have time to vote. Our democratic system has failed. We must remove Obama from power before he signs the “stimulus package.” Join House Republicans today in our effort to topple Obama before he alters America as we know it. Take a stand for your rights. This is not “change we can believe in.” This is communist revolution. Stand with us now to foil this fraud on the American people. And defend your right to own as much property as the free market permits. Let’s get back to normal.

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