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By : Msgr. Ezekiel H. Worth, Director of Moral Arguments, Save the Family Institute

Last week, America committed a grave error by electing Barack Hussein Obama as President of the United States. The liberal news media continues to gloat as it foreshadows a whole new era of vice, wickedness and moral license in America. Obama won because his opponent, John McCain, did not focus attention on the most important issue in America today: The fight against gay marriage. George W. Bush knew better in 2004. Rather than wasting time squabbling about economic problems and military deployment in Iraq, President Bush knew Americans wanted to stop gay marriage. And that’s how he beat John Kerry. McCain thought America wanted a solution to the financial crisis on Wall Street and a new energy policy. He thought wrong. Americans want only one thing: To stop the homosexual menace and to save the children.

Despite America’s colossal blunder on Election Day, voters in California achieved a notable victory: They unequivocally invalidated gay marriage in their State. In recent years, arrogant judges in States from Nebraska to Massachusetts have waged war on American values by “discovering” constitutional rights to “gay marriage.” These judicial terrorists have done violence to the American people. They have ignored American values and American morals. Worse, they have created a decadent moral climate that has emboldened homosexual infiltrators and suffocated American families. But on Election Day, voters in California spoke out to stop the terror. They said “NO” to gay marriage and the horrors it brings. We salute them for their refusal to surrender to the homosexual juggernaut.

Why is it so important to stop gay marriage? Simple: Because gay marriage obliterates families. Families begin with a single man and single woman. Men and women bear and beget children. Men and women make commitments to each other. Men and women love their children. Only men and women can teach virtue and good. And only children raised with mothers and fathers can develop into productive American citizens. Gay marriage destroys this dynamic. By destroying families, gay marriage eradicates the very foundation of our civilization. Without families, children will not develop properly. They will turn into thieves, drug addicts, murderers, cheaters, liars and thugs. They will grow into criminals, idlers and godless pleasure-seekers. Is it not obvious that we must act quickly to protect families? Although California understood the threat, we believe it is important to set forth detailed reasons why gay marriage must be stopped.

By allowing a man to marry a man, men will no longer marry women. This is a frightening truth. In one fell swoop, all normal marriage will be destroyed. Additionally, when a man marries a man, all existing marriages will mean nothing. Several prominent social scientists have proven that this will happen. They call it the “atomic reaction.” When homosexuals marry, all other marriages are immediately destroyed, as if in an atomic blast. Consider how destructive this is. Without marriage, men and women cannot raise children. Without a stable relationship in which to raise children, the entire fabric of our Nation will disintegrate. Put simply, homosexuals cannot be allowed to marry. If they do, men will no longer be able to marry women, and existing marriages will collapse overnight.

Homosexuals are deviant, unnatural, noncommittal, immoral, vain, crude, brutal, conniving, violent, lustful, cruel, disingenuous, dishonest, savage, insensate, animalistic and unscrupulous. Men have known this for generations. The Scripture rebukes: “Men [who] left natural sexual intercourse with women…[and who] were inflamed with lust with one another…God delivered them over to a worthless mind to do what it is wrong. They are filled with all unrighteousness, evil, greed and wickedness. They are full of envy, murder, disputes, deceit and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving and unmerciful. Although they know full well God’s just sentence—that those who practice such things deserve to die—they not only do them, but even applaud others who practice them.” Romans Ch. 1:27-32. This is the Word of God. How can any relationship between two such men result in anything other than wickedness? After all, Jesus said: “A good tree cannot bear evil fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.” Matthew Ch. 7:18. Worse, how can we allow innocent children to fall into the hands of such villains?

Homosexual relationships are fundamentally illegitimate because homosexuals are evil. When the law recognizes gay marriage, it winks to evil. Our Nation cannot tolerate this. Not only does gay marriage destroy existing marriages, but it also plunges the entire country into moral wretchedness. By allowing even one gay marriage, the State conspires with evil.

State apologists say they allow gay marriage because they wish to “protect the dignity and rights of all its citizens.” Equality is a fine principle, but not when it threatens families. Furthermore, not every citizen can or should have equal rights. Indeed, not all citizens can vote. Convicted felons—who grossly deviate from societal norms—forfeit many rights. Our society rightly believes that certain blameworthy citizens are not worthy to enjoy the full benefits of citizenship. Homosexuals, too, grossly deviate from societal norms. In fact, they are intrinsically evil and spread pestilence wherever they go. They are 450 times more likely to abuse children than heterosexuals. Thus, it should not trouble us to withhold from them certain rights. Those who deviate from normal behavior have no claim to every privilege in our State. Homosexuals—who in a sense are worse than convicted felons because they are evil by nature—cannot complain that they may not marry. While our State and Federal Constitutions may promise “Equal Protection of the law,” that simply means that two similar people must be treated the same. But a homosexual is not similar to a normal person. For that reason, there is nothing constitutionally impermissible about denying a legal advantage to a homosexual. He is not in the category entitled to “equal protection.” Thus, the law may treat him differently.

Gay marriage is wrong. It is enough to say that homosexuals are evil and that marriages between men will destroy marriages between men and women. But there are other, more practical reasons that should persuade even the most skeptical reader that gay marriage must be stopped at all costs. First, when we alter marriage, we open a Pandora’s box. If gay marriage is allowed, what is next? Ten-person marriages? Man-goat marriages? There is no logical stopping point to the madness that gay marriage unlocks. By allowing gay marriage, we undermine the most sacred relationship in Western civilization. And once we allow it, we will inevitably be forced to recognize ever more ludicrous relationships. Some may scoff at this assertion. But what about the children? It is bad enough that children may have to live in an evil gay household. Yet once the marriage wall falls, children may have to live in man-goat households. This should shock us. We must take a stand against gay marriage now, before men begin marrying farm animals and raising children with hogs.

Second, gay marriage causes men and women to divorce. This is verifiable. Since States have allowed limited unions between homosexuals, divorce rates between men and women have reached an all-time high. Why? Because homosexuals are marrying. The mere sight of two men at a wedding has caused countless normal couples to give up on their sacred commitment. Divorce leads to fornication and child abandonment. These are both dire alternatives. To prevent these problems, we must act to stop divorce. We can stop divorce by banning gay marriage. Thus, by banning gay marriage, we keep men and women together and we help the children. Men and women love their children. They do not abandon their children unless gays marry.

Third, allowing gay marriage endorses frivolity in romantic life. In days past, men and women solemnly took an oath to stand by one another for all their days, in sickness and in health. These are stern commitments. Those commitments created a stable, loving environment in which to bear and raise children. Homosexuals, on the other hand, do not know what it means to commit to anything. They are scatterbrained, frivolous, undisciplined and vacillating. Oaths mean nothing to them. Only men and women can take an oath seriously. Homosexuals say one thing and do another. Such attitudes are incompatible with good family virtues. Worse, such attitudes should never be taught to children. Yet gay marriage allows such virtues to pass unchecked to children. Consider the danger this poses to future generations: The entire population will be noncommittal, vain, unreliable and untrustworthy. Only traditional marriage can fortify the spirit of honor and commitment that makes this country great. Men and women are not frivolous. They live honorably and tell the truth. By allowing gay marriage, however, honor, trust and dignity will be destroyed for all time.

Fourth, gay marriage will put an intolerable burden on the Federal social security system. Today, the system can barely pay for widowed dependents. By allowing gay marriage, an entire new class of married dependents will suddenly materialize overnight. This will dramatically increase the government’s social security liability. This, in turn, will lead to higher taxes, fewer jobs and reduced economic growth. Gay marriage, then, poses a grave economic threat. By banning gay marriage, we will save the country not only from moral, but also financial ruin.

These reasons should suffice to convince anyone that gay marriage is the most crucial issue facing the Nation today. With an avowed liberal like Barack Hussein Obama in the White House, we truly fear for the future. As a black man, he all too readily sympathizes with the erroneous rhetoric of the civil rights movement. He readily compares the “quest” of homosexuals for equality to the “quest” of black Americans for equality. He believes that homosexuals have rights under the law and the Constitution. He will press these dangerous ideas during his time in office. In so doing, he will make war on American families.

We can only hope that wisdom will prevail in the dark years ahead. We must continue the war against gay marriage. It is a war we cannot afford to lose. It is a war against evil. It is a war for our children. If you care about commitment, you will take up arms with us. If you care about social security, you will take up arms with us. If you care about the Holy Scripture, you will take up arms with us. If you refuse to allow America to follow in the footsteps of Holland and Belgium, you will take up arms with us. If you refuse to allow man-goat relationships, you will take up arms with us. In a word, we must rise up against the homosexual menace. We will not allow President “Hussein” Obama to wage war on American families. We trust that Americans will soon awaken from their moral slumber to stop homosexual terror. The American people will never surrender to the malicious gay hordes. They will take up arms and revolt.

It is time for a Second American Revolution against the homosexual tyrants and their elitist Ivy-League bankrollers—and we will win.

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