Monday, November 3, 2008


By : Mr. Lindsey Graham, United States Senator (R-SC)

I have dedicated my life to American families and American values. I have always loved America. And the more I learn about foreign countries, the more I love my native land. In fact, during my tenure as United States Senator from South Carolina, I have learned one thing: Foreign countries are not the same as the United States. Put simply, most countries—especially Western European countries—conduct policy in a way that should shock every American.

Today I want to speak about Holland. Holland—or “The Netherlands” as it is also known…don’t ask me why—is a country in northwestern Europe on the North Sea. Most of the country is below sea level, so they also call it the “Low Country.” People from Holland are called “Dutchmen” or “the Dutch.” They speak an odd-sounding language called “Dutch.” Some people have told me that it is similar to English. If you ask me, it sounds like pig Latin. After all, if it isn’t English, it’s all Greek to me. Thankfully a lot of Dutch people speak English, so if you ever find yourself in Holland, chances are you will be able to communicate with the locals.

But you would not want to find yourself in Holland because the Dutch are dangerous. Dutch people and the Dutch government conduct business in a way that should shock every American. In Holland, there is no death penalty. They imprison murderous thieves and rapists for no longer than 20 years. Thugs get away with probation and “psychoanalysis.” And Dutch prisons are clean, humane and well-funded. Dutch criminals have access to literature, television, computers and mattresses. These are not American ideals. In America, we execute criminals. If we don’t, we put them in prisons for as long as we possibly can. Criminals should be punished, not sent to a comfortable retreat. Every moment in prison should inflict pain. Yet the Dutch believe that the sentence punishes, not the prison time. This is absurd.

In Holland, government operates under this principle: “In all things, respect human dignity.” This is ridiculous. In America, only some people deserve dignity. You have to earn respect; we don’t give things away for free. Yet this is exactly what the Dutch do. They give things to their people for free. In Holland, health care is available at no charge to every citizen. If a beggar contracts HIV, he has a right to all medications at State expense. He has a right to stay at a hospital for free. Can you believe this? It is simply incomprehensible to the American mind. Here, if a beggar can’t afford HIV medication or a hospital stay, that is his problem. The State did not give him HIV, so why should the State pay to treat him? By dedicating themselves to “human dignity,” the Dutch have dedicated themselves to irrationality. And by paying for everyone’s health care, the Dutch encourage irresponsibility in their citizens. America never does that. We believe in responsibility, even if it leads to our deaths.

There is no morality in Holland because the Dutch have no respect for human life. They allow abortion and—worse—they allow doctors to poison terminally-ill people. In other words, the Dutch allow murder. How can a Nation claim to be moral when it allows citizens to intentionally kill one another? In America, we punish killers, no matter how they kill. True, we do not punish people who kill trespassers on their land, and we do not punish people who kill those who are about to kill them, but in all other instances, we punish killers. It does not matter if the victim wants to die. It does not matter if the victim will die a slow, agonizing death otherwise. God decides when a person dies or lives; human beings cannot intervene. In America, if God ordains that we suffer unto death, then suffer we must. Compassion for a suffering relative does not entitle us—contrary to the Dutch belief—to kill our relatives. In a word, the Dutch are remorseless, coldhearted killers. They snuff out unborn human life. Later, they take it before God wills. This should shock every American, because Americans believe in life.

Holland’s moral decay runs deeper. In Amsterdam, drug use is legal. The Dutch actually allow their citizens to consume prohibited substances. What kind of message does this send to the children? Drugs are wrong. If the law allows drugs, it fosters evil in the population. I have served my entire career in the Senate to protect children. The fact that the Dutch permit drug use runs contrary to my entire life’s work. Marijuana, hashish, cocaine and “magic mushrooms” destroy our youth. Yet the Dutch allow these deadly substances to freely corrupt the population. The Dutch call it freedom. I call it illegal behavior. Americans do not use drugs.

In Holland, government allows virtually any immigrant to cross its borders. The Dutch believe that immigrants should be treated with respect and dignity. They even provide immigrants with health care, housing, education and free money. In America, we detest immigrants. We jealously guard our national treasure; we do not carelessly dispense it to every Mexican wetback who climbs over a fence into Texas. Here, we do not respect immigrants; we hunt them down and deport them. In most cases, immigrants are Spanish-speaking lawbreakers. They are renegados and banditos who want to hijack America’s bounty. Yet the Dutch actually embrace immigrants. This is foolhardy and outrageous. And they actually give immigrants free housing. In America, no one has a right to free housing, citizen or not. This is the meaning of responsibility—and we make no exceptions.

We need to send a strong message to Holland: “We think you are dangerous. Keep your ideas out of America.” Holland is un-American. It is a dangerous foreign country. You can rest assured that, as United States Senator, I will do all I can to curb Dutch influence in our government. We need to keep America American. If we start following Dutch examples, our Nation will surely collapse. To avoid this fate, do not travel to Holland. If Dutch people visit the United States, refuse to speak to them. If they persist, tell them: “We do not need your dangerous ideas here. We believe in freedom, but we have our own ways of doing things in this country.” Tell them that our principle is not human dignity. Tell them our principle is industry, responsibility and morality. Tell them we do not murder people, born or unborn. Tell them that we do not give things away for free. Tell them that we pay for housing. Tell them we do not respect criminals; we execute them. And tell them we do not do drugs or tolerate stinking immigrants draining our national resources.

This is the land of the free. I have lived my life serving this country. And I am not about to let the Dutch destroy it.

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