Sunday, November 16, 2008


Minutemen Mobilized to Defend the Constitution Against Big-Government Washington Pork Barrelers and Activist Judges

By : Maj. Horace M. Springfield, Commanding Officer of the Arkansas State Militia, Pine Bluff Battalion

We are the People of the United States. We created the greatest Nation on earth from brambles and wilderness. In the process, we confronted many dangers: Hostile redskins, slave rebellions, wild animals, bloodthirsty pirates, foreign invaders, Mexican infiltrators, smallpox, Civil War and criminal renegades. We never could have vanquished these dangers without weapons. In our early history, America was a dangerous place because our forefathers lived on the frontier. Today, America is still a dangerous place because violent criminals stalk our midst, burglarizing, raping, robbing and killing. Illegal immigrants violate our borders, threatening violence and theft. We, like our forefathers, need guns to defend the American dream from our enemies. Our forefathers knew this when they drafted the Constitution. In our democracy, they put freedom of speech and religion first; and freedom to carry guns second. Speech, religion and guns: The framers knew that only armed people can speak and worship as they please. But in recent years, lawmakers and judges have lost sight of these cherished freedoms by disarming the People. For decades, Americans could not purchase firearms to defend hearth and home without first complying with impenetrable bureaucratic nonsense. In many cities, local governments completely outlawed gun possession. In the process, local governments left the American People defenseless against vagabonds, highwaymen and rogues. Local governments left elderly women to be raped while vicious thugs pillaged their homes. In the name of “protecting security,” local governments and radical judges ignored the People’s Constitution. Our Supreme Court took a bold step against the tide this year by declaring in Heller v. District of Columbia (2008) that every American citizen has an individual right to bear pistols to defend himself. This has been the Supreme Court's most sensible decision in generations. After all, it simply read the Second Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” U.S. Const. Amd. 2. Can anything be clearer? It says that the people can carry arms, and “arms” means pistols, rifles, double-barrel shotguns, slingshots, flamethrowers, assault rifles, grenades, artillery, anti-tank missiles and landmines. Justice Scalia wisely observed that the language about the “Militia” was merely “prefatory” and did nothing to weaken the Amendment’s “operative” language. That means the Second Amendment actually says: “The American People have an individual right to carry weapons to defend themselves, whether they serve in the Militia or not.” Americans need guns to defend themselves, their liberty, their property and their homes. We will no longer tolerate Ivy League judges and Congressmen who disingenuously argue that the Second Amendment allows “gun control.” No. No. No. The Constitution says nothing about "controlling guns." It says the American People may bear arms. In a word, the American People need heavy weapons to protect our way of life. We need more access to weapons, not less. Gun control advocates say that more guns mean more crime and more killing. Wrong. People kill people, not guns, so it makes no sense to blame guns for something that people do. Responsible Americans know that guns are made for legitimate purposes. It makes no sense to disarm a responsible American in order to lessen the chance that an irresponsible American will abuse a gun. It is time to reinvigorate our civil spirit as Americans by rearming ourselves as a Nation. We are citizen soldiers and we are at war. And we cannot win the war without all the weapons we can muster. Vote Minutemen. Defend our Nation and our Constitution. When our forefathers confronted tyranny on Lexington Green, they fired first and asked questions later. Today, we the People of the United States must fire first on our constitutional foes.

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