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Are you sick and tired of credit checks? Do you feel bad when retail stores turn you down for a plasma screen television because you had a bankruptcy in 2004? Do you want to buy a car, but dealers laugh at you because the credit bureau labels your creditworthiness “Very Poor?” Well it’s time to reclaim your financial health. It’s time to set the record straight. It’s time to start buying. And it’s time to feel better about yourself, too.

No matter what the bureaus tell you, credit scores do not define who you are. You cannot go to jail for having bad credit. You may not be able to buy a home or rent an apartment, but no government official can arrest you because you did not pay your light bill in August 1990. In fact, our government would prefer that you go into debt. Our economy depends on people spending more money than they have. Without credit, the entire system would collapse. Yet credit bureaus make it difficult on average Americans to enter into more debt. By branding every American with a “credit score,” monolithic credit bureaus dissuade lenders from giving you money. In America, we can barely afford anything, and the bills keep pouring in. Virtually everyone has missed a payment sometime in their lives. In your hectic life, how can you not miss a payment? Your address changes, the bank sells its accounts to a subsidiary, your dog ate the check, you got sick, the post office did not forward your mail, you died… the list goes on. Your creditors don’t care. When you miss a payment, they call the credit bureau. And your score sinks.

What do your creditors tell the credit bureau? Basically, they call you a no-good dead beat. They say you failed to pay your $45.31 monthly phone bill, and that makes you a lousy bum who doesn’t deserve to get a loan because you can’t be trusted. The credit bureau types your name and social security number into a master computer, which then processes your information through a mathematical algorithm. When the computer is done, a number appears next to your name. You have been branded. You have a score. You are a “Credit Risk,” and you will not be getting a loan. Every time you ask for credit, the lender calls up the bureau. The bureau goes to the computer, pulls up your name and whispers the lender your number. The lender then tells you: “Denied. Have a nice day.”

Credit bureaus tyrannize well-meaning Americans. They say they are just doing “private business,” but in fact they make it difficult for Americans to go into debt. Without debt, you cannot pay your bills. Without debt, businesses fail. When businesses fail, the public suffers. In that light, credit bureaus do much more than mere “private business.” They defame and denigrate countless Americans. They cut down the credit tree before it can grow. They block lending, which in turn blocks interest payments and bank profits. In America, we need more people in debt, not less. Only through debt can retailers, banks and businesses survive. Americans want it all. We say: Give the people what they want. As long as you can show an income stream, you can finance anything.

It is time to stop collusive private credit bureaus. For decades now, three massive private firms have assumed dictatorial power over Americans’ financial lives. For decades now, these three firms have forced countless Americans into self-doubt, despair and poverty. They say they are simply “performing a service for interested creditors.” We say they are waging war on Americans’ self-esteem. How do you feel when the credit bureau says your score is “Poor?” What if you are a very nice person who helps his relatives when they are sick? What if you believe in God and truly wish others well in life? What if you spend your days caring for children and invalids? What if you donate time and money to the Ronald McDonald® cancer research fund? Is your character “poor” because you missed a mortgage payment in Q3 2005? Are you a “despicable, untrustworthy” person because your cell phone bill got lost in the mail in October 2003? Are you a “credit risk” because you did not pay your monthly credit card balance in June 2007?

No! You are a good person, and you should not allow some private cartel to brand you a dishonorable brigand for one financial mishap. You have done good things in your life, too. And you deserve recognition for them.

This is the United States of America. We believe in hearty business competition. Why, then, do we allow three private bureaus to form a monopoly on credit reporting? How have we allowed these monster corporations to tyrannize our financial and personal lives? Today, credit bureaus brand us deadbeats with impunity. They drive us to mental illness and desperation, even if we are fundamentally good people. They reduce us to a cold, impersonal “score” that determines our fortunes. They prevent us from entering into the debt we need to keep this country strong. We must stop the lies. It is time to stop the badmouthing. It is time to stop the bullying and denials. And it is time to start borrowing freely again.

Today, we are proud to offer Americans a solution to credit score tyranny: THE COUNTER-CREDIT REPORT® (CCR®). Unlike a traditional credit report, the CCR tells a positive story, not a negative one. Credit reports focus on all your financial flaws; by contrast, CCRs tell creditors how many bills you have actually paid in your life. Isn’t it only fair that creditors hear how many times you have paid bills, too? Now, they only hear how many times you missed payments. With a CCR, you can balance the scales. You can tell creditors: “Yes, I missed by gas bill in May 1996. But in February 2008 I paid $1,000 in rent, a $456.21 credit card bill, a $431.21 monthly student loan installment, a $212.32 car note, a Sbarro® tab for $5.87, and I paid cash for coffee every single morning that whole month.” Does that not show that you pay bills more than you miss them? Why allow credit bureaus to draw the wrong conclusions about you? Shouldn’t you have the opportunity to show that you have paid thousands of bills, but missed only 5? With a CCR, you can fight back. You can paint a just picture. And with a CCR you can get the loan you need to pay your other bills.

You have a right to be upset with credit reporting practices. Today, three colossal credit bureaus compile scandalous data about you without your knowledge, then disseminate that data to others in order to stop you from buying what you want. Today, credit bureaus paint you a loser, a deadbeat, a vagabond. You deserve better. You are so much more than a “Below Average” credit score. You are an “Above Average” person. You have a family. You care for your children. You go to work. You pay for groceries and rent. Isn’t it only fair that your creditors know the good things about you, too? Let us bring fairness into the credit world. We do not have time for one-sided stories anymore. We deserve a well-rounded picture, not financial caricatures. This is about image. You should care about how creditors see you. With a CCR, you can restore luster to your image. It is time to let your creditors hear about how responsible you really are.

What are you waiting for? Call today for your FREE1 Counter-Credit Report. There is no obligation2. There is no monthly fee3. Aren’t you tired of letting credit bureaus sabotage your life plans by declaring you a deadbeat? Stand up for fairness. Stand up against monopolies. This is about financial integrity, and you know you pay more bills than you miss. Americans do not tolerate one-sided portrayals; they deserve a fair and balanced picture. Bring balance back to lending with a CCR in your hand. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to America. Because without debt, America fails™.

You have a right to tell people that you pay bills, too. In this country, we treasure responsibility. Is it not responsible to pay your bills? Every time you pay a bill, you fulfill a commitment. You satisfy an obligation. That is honorable. You are acting with trust and respect. You should get a good check next to your name for that. With a CCR, you can show the world how responsible you really are. Take a stand for responsibility. Call now.

1 Subject to terms and conditions. Offer variable at Seller’s option. Not valid in all areas. Call Seller for details. Initial payment of $44.99 allows Buyer opportunity for mail-in rebate. Allow 90 days for rebate. Shipping and handling costs to be unconditionally borne by Buyer; non-refundable.
2 Subscribing to Counter-Credit Report® services creates a legal obligation pursuant to Alaska law, unless and until Buyer fulfills applicable Cancellation Agreement terms and conditions.
3 Monthly fee of $9.99 assessed unless and until Buyer fulfills application Cancellation Agreement terms and conditions. See Retailer for Cancellation Agreement details. Failure to pay monthly fee will result in collection action, including reporting to all major credit bureaus. Attorney’s fees and costs to be borne unconditionally by Buyer. Any disputes shall be resolved by mediation. Seller has the right to choose the mediator. Buyer bears all costs associated with appearing before mediator in Anchorage, Alaska. Buyer hereby waives any and all right to a jury trial. Failure to appear shall result in default judgment for Seller.

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