Friday, January 2, 2009



By : Mrs. Doreen Maybetter-Goodspeed, B.A., Spokesperson & Honorary Life Defender, Life is Sacred Society (LISS)

Life is beautiful. Outside our windows, birds sing and squirrels scurry. Dogs and cats lie curled up beside toasty fires. Somewhere out there, a mother gives birth to a beautiful child. Children play with their new Christmas toys. All over the world, people sit together at dinner tables with their families, happily eating, drinking, laughing and giving thanks for their lives. Life is beautiful. Everyone deserves to live because life is precious.

Yet in our society, there are those who wage war on life. Baby-killing abortioneers snuff out life before it leaves the womb, denying our world wonderful new inhabitants. Claiming “freedom of choice,” murderous women stamp out potential life before it begins. Doctors, who swear an oath to protect life, help these killers accomplish their wicked ends. If only these coldhearted killers would recognize that they are destroying life. All life is precious. When an abortioneer roots out a clump of cells, who knows what future Nobel-prize winning physicist he kills. When an abortioneer roots out a clump of cells, perhaps he kills the man who will one day defeat cancer. Life is too precious to squander before it has a chance to flourish.

Here at Life is Sacred Society, we have a simple principle: All Life is Sacred, Unless Otherwise Provided. While we believe that all life is precious, there are some forms of life that are so utterly repulsive that we are justified in destroying them. For instance, cockroaches are “life,” but we are prepared to say that their lives are not precious. Additionally, E. Coli bacteria are technically “living organisms,” but we do not hesitate to destroy them because they threaten human life. Vipers, centipedes, earwigs, maggots and even dangerous dogs are all “living creatures,” but they are not precious. Thus, we do not violate our principles when we systematically eradicate them from our midst.

While all life is precious, we are entitled to kill some living creatures in order to eat. For example, deer, buffalo, fish and cows are all living creatures. Because they are alive, they are precious. But they are not precious enough to continue living because we need to eat. We kill them in order to eat. Moreover, although plant life is also precious, we are entitled to uproot lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and onions in order to eat. Although all life is precious, there are circumstances in which we can make exceptions for survival.

All human beings have a right to live because all life is precious. But when one human being attempts to kill another human being, it is fully acceptable to kill the human being to protect one’s own life. In that situation, life is not precious enough to preserve. After all, we would lose our precious life if we did not kill the potential killer. When it is you or him, there is nothing wrong when you kill him to save yourself. Your life is more precious than his.

Human beings are beautiful living creatures. We are all unique, special individuals. We all matter and we all have a right to live. We are all precious, no matter how much money or wealth we have. But murderers, rapists, thieves and killers are not precious. When the State puts condemned criminals to death, it technically ends life. Yet it does not end precious life, because criminals’ lives are not precious. Although all life is precious, criminals do not deserve to continue living. Here at the Life is Sacred Society, we reject abortion but we support capital punishment. Innocent children are precious. We will protect their lives no matter the cost. But if an innocent child grows up to be a murderous killer, we have no hesitation ending his life. He is no longer precious. Thus, he need no longer live.

Unemployed, homeless, bankrupt and economically impotent people are not precious, either. If a living human being becomes a financial or social burden to all other living human beings, there is no need for him to continue living. His life may once have been precious, but now he is of no use to anyone.

Human beings inhabit the entire world. They are all precious. But human beings who live in the Middle East and Africa are not as precious as those who live in North America and Europe. Although Muslim terrorists are “alive,” this alone does not entitle them to go on living. While all human life is precious, terrorists lose their right to live when they bomb innocent civilians and make war on large-scale employment ventures.

Some may blame the Life is Sacred Society for selectively applying our principles. We respond that we have never deviated from our principles, because our principles contain exceptions. Our principle is: All life is sacred, UNLESS OTHERWISE PROVIDED. In other words, there is a general rule favoring life, but we provide for limited, meaningful exceptions to that rule. In any discipline, practitioners must be flexible. Without exceptions to principles, we would find ourselves in an intellectual straitjacket. It would be absurd to say simply that “All Life is Sacred.” That would require us to accord the same respect to our sons and daughters that we accord to a tarantula or even a serial Muslim rapist/terrorist. That is unacceptable.

We truly believe that life is precious. Every creature on earth deserves respect and dignity; provided that we do not make an exception for them. We favor life. Yet we do not hesitate to inflict death whenever we determine that a living organism does not deserve to live.

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