Saturday, October 18, 2008


Union of Fiscal Patriots for the Liquidation of Welfare Recipients

By : Maj. Dick B. Nickelback (U.S. Army – ret.), Senior Patriot and Savings Account Holder

Today’s financial crisis should come as no surprise to anyone in this profligate country. For decades, millions of Americans have spent lavishly on worthless consumer goods and homes they could not afford. And even more Americans greedily suckled at the bosom of State welfare programs. Rather than save money, these irresponsible spendthrifts spent every dollar they had on momentary pleasures. Banks lent them money to spend even more. What happened when the banks called in the loans? “No money, honey.” All the while, rapacious welfare recipients continued to plunder State public assistance funds, handicapping government’s ability to staunch the cash hemorrhage. Tax revenues dipped and expenditures grew. Where are we now? We are facing financial ruin all along the line. What must we do? It is time to reinvigorate our fiscal patriotism. Americans can weather any storm as long as they tap into their national pride reserves. When we invaded Iraq in 2003, we patriotically supported the troops. When terrorist cowards attacked the World Trade Center in 2001, we patriotically declared: “We will not falter. We will not fail.” Now, we must bring our patriotism to bear on fiscal terrorists. Our Nation did not achieve preeminence in the world by taking government handouts or borrowing money. Rather, our parents and grandparents earned and saved their money. They did not buy extra groceries on welfare cash. They did not live in a 2-bedroom house when a single-room apartment did the job. They lived Spartan lives. They grew their money. They were prudent, simple, dignified people. They did not need a second car. They did not ask their parents for extra money. Yet Americans today threaten to squander this legacy of frugality and self-reliance. That is why we must get patriotic in our finances. We, the Union of Fiscal Patriots for the Liquidation of Welfare Recipients, promise to bring responsibility back to money questions. No more will we tolerate food stamps and unemployment insurance. No more will we tolerate credit card debtors and wasteful teen spenders. We need to punish runaway spending and praise frugal saving. The Savior said: “My Kingdom is not of this World.” That means: “Don’t spend your money on worthless baubles. Live within your means. You will be rewarded in the Hereafter.” Patriotic earners spend only what they must. Are you prepared to save your money for America? Are you prepared to take up financial arms against the spending terrorists? Are you prepared to wage war on the welfare parasites who--vampire-like--suck our Treasury dry? This year, answer these questions with a resounding “Yes.” This year, stop spending and start saving. Forget enjoyment; it is time to stop the high living. Modesty is America’s virtue. In 2008, tell the welfare pirates and runaway spenders: “Not another dime.” Vote Fiscal Patriots. Vote responsibility.

Cash-Grubbing Skinflints for Greater Cost Controls Everywhere

By : Mr. G. Gideon Withers, C.P.A., Comptroller

Our government is collapsing. Pork-barrel spending, special endowments, grants, loans, interest-free transfers and outright fiscal waste have sunk our Nation into a money pit. Similarly, corporations struggle to make a profit because they waste money on employee health insurance, vacation packages, pension funds, retirement deals and wages for low-level workers. Under such circumstances, no revenue can overcome the dreadful cost burden. In a word, there is a scourge of both public and private waste at work at our Nation’s economic core, and no one is winning. What can we do to end this problem? Simple: We must scrutinize every single dollar we spend. We need cost controls everywhere, and we need them now. Government needs to create new bureaus to ensure that every dollar it spends reaches the intended destination. Special Spending Administrators (SSAs) must analyze whether expenses are necessary. These Administrators, in turn, must have the power to reduce amounts allocated to certain projects. For example, if the government allocates $45,000 for a Postal Manager’s yearly salary, the Special Spending Administrator must be authorized to reduce that figure to $13,000, or reject it altogether. In private enterprise, too, companies must radically control their costs. Corporate boards must establish special Spending Elimination Committees to review every dollar spent. They must rigorously question whether every expense is necessary and, if so, whether it can be reduced or eliminated. For starters, health insurance for any employee other than senior managers and directors could be eliminated. Vacation time could be eliminated, too: If employees want to take time off, let them pay for it. Wages can be reduced. In today’s employment market, workers should be thankful they have a job at all. To that extent, it would not be unreasonable to cut their take-home pay in half. It is essential that companies in competitive fields act in unison to reduce wages so as to avoid favoritism. This is not about fairness; it is about controlling expenses. Our Nation cannot survive if it continues to spend money. Yes, we must spend money to live. But let us strive to spend no more money than is absolutely necessary to maintain maximum profits for senior managers and directors. This year, vote for Cash-Grubbing Skinflints. Unless we act now, profits will undoubtedly suffer. That will help no one. It is time to control costs. In 2008, put a party in power that will bring order to the spending madness (without reducing salaries and benefits for senior managers and directors).

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