Thursday, October 30, 2008



By : Mr. Reginald A. Stewart, Official Party Spokesman and Republican Liaison

America needs Republican values. Without support for traditional family structures and traditional political ideals, this Nation will not survive. We need government that fosters private enterprise and keeps its hands off our money. We need government that protects children from pedophiles and punishes foreign enemies. We need a government of faith and justice. And we need government that does not promote diversity over effectiveness. As gay, black, Hispanic Leninist-Communist atheists, we strongly believe that John McCain and Sarah Palin will admirably advance these principles in 2008.

We express our unequivocal support for Mr. McCain and Mrs. Palin. We understand that Republican values are the best values for our Nation, even if those values may lead to personal hardships for ourselves. We wish we were not gay, black or Hispanic. But we are, and we know that government must put us in our place. We wholeheartedly believe in Mr. McCain’s campaign motto: Country First; Party Second. We put country first. Country tells us that banning gay marriage is the right thing to do. Country tells us that affirmative action is wrong. Country tells us that Mexican immigrants must be stopped. Country tells us that Americans speak English, not Spanish. And country tells us that free market solutions are always superior to meddlesome socialist experiments. We realize that these positions may make life difficult on us. But we believe that they are the right positions. We are willing to suffer for our beliefs.

We do not believe in tolerance. True, tolerance may personally benefit us, but tolerance will not advance America or the Republican values for which she stands. Tolerance is weakness. Hispanics, blacks, communists, atheists and gays have no place in our political and social order. We recognize that intolerance will cure this Nation’s moral listlessness, even if that same intolerance may make life more difficult on us. We are willing to sacrifice our personal comfort for the good of the Nation. When we say “country first,” we mean it. We are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to save America. Are you?

We are confident in our belief that Republican values are superior to all other values. For years, this Nation has allowed traditional family structures to disintegrate. Same-sex couples raise children against nature. Interracial marriages spoil the Nation’s purity. Godlessness has infected national discourse. Inflated government has created a Nation of lazy, dependent beggars, draining the responsibility and self-reliance that once made America great. Bilingual documents and papers make a mockery of the English tradition that gave rise to our Nation. An overzealous commitment to “diversity” has poisoned our youth, crippling the strong Anglo-Saxon virtues that propelled America from hinterland to world power. We must stop the slide into ruin, even if we personally suffer in the process.

We believe that we are uniquely positioned to appreciate Republican values. As gay, black, Hispanic, communist atheists, we know that there are other ideals in the world. We are not part of the traditional Republican stock. We were not raised Republican, nor were our families Republican. Rather, we support Republican values because we soberly evaluated them and concluded that they are best for our Nation. We soberly concluded that government does not exist to help people or to correct social wrongs. Rather, government exists to allow unfettered economic exchange with minimal regulation. We soberly concluded that government does not exist to force-feed “diversity” to the population. Rather, government exists to preserve existing social order.

Put another way, we soberly concluded: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” America wasn’t broken in 1933. Yet beginning in 1933, government began “fixing” America with welfare programs, civil rights legislation and massive federal spending. These quixotic attempts to achieve social justice and “equality” have well nigh destroyed the values upon which America rose to prominence. That is why we must reverse the tide, even if we ourselves must take a back seat. We are prepared to demote ourselves as citizens in order to return America onto the right path.

We know we are gay, black, Hispanic, communist and atheist. We know there is something very, very wrong with us. But we know that Republicans will better lead our Nation by ignoring, humiliating, denigrating and marginalizing us than by tolerating our aberrant ways. For decades, Democrats tried to accommodate us. In consequence, they created a morally bankrupt, faithless, mulatto beggar Nation. We demand a return to normalcy. We demand a return to strength. That is why we support John McCain and Sarah Palin. If you are ready to stop the decadence of tolerance, you will support them, too. And when you do, you will make America a safer, better, more blessed and normal Nation. God bless America.

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