Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Here at Reason, Commerce, Justice & Free Beer, we understand that good people must work. Yet we also understand that getting a job in the United States is not as easy as it once was. In days past, a person could confidently expect gainful, edifying employment upon completing an undergraduate education. Today, graduating even from a good college is no free ticket to the employment ballpark. Even bright, motivated young graduates may have difficulty landing an entry-level position at a bank, investment house, credit bureau or consulting firm.

In the modern employment market, one must have more than mere intelligence. One must have technical knowledge concerning what employers truly seek in their applicants. While we here at Reason, Commerce, Justice & Free Beer admit candidly that family connections are always the safest bet on the road to rewarding work and large salaries, we acknowledge that many of you do not have fathers with prestigious jobs. In that light, we are pleased to publish this series of practical articles and job-seeking tools. Although your job search tactics will necessarily vary according to the industry in which you seek employment, there are certain basic principles that apply across the board, no matter what job you want. These articles and tools will address those basic principles, as well as provide industry-specific tips.

We begin our series with a critical skill: Writing a cover letter. A cover letter is your opportunity to show your future employer how much he means to you. As the cliche goes, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression, and cover letters are the way to make a great one. Remember, your employer wants loyalty, enthusiasm, passion and your time. Make him understand that you will give him what he wants, every time and all the time. Bear in mind that you must not appear too servile; show your individuality at the same time you show your capacity to be a team player. Employment is all about teamwork. In your cover letter, show that you are excited about playing for the team--and helping your employer win.


My name is (fill in blank). I believe I would make a strong addition to (fill in Company Name)'s (choose one: Strategic Management/Financial Market Management/Capital World Connections/Communications, Training and Personnel/Sales Development and Price Control) Team. For one, I forcefully advocate team-building initiatives and winning cost control measures. I have extensive experience in cultivating new markets, as well as expanding existing customer bases. I value company progress over all else because I recognize that dedication to profitable efforts is necessary to sustain healthy firm financial growth in an evolving market. From a personal perspective, I am a self-starter. I inspire trust and motivation in team goals without increrasing operating costs. I specialize in effective time management and propel market success through product-driven focus. In short, motivation is my middle name. Hire me today; it's time to increase the bottom line--at minimal cost.

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