Saturday, September 27, 2008


Free Traders’ Association to Abolish the SEC and Prosecute its Current and Former Employees as Enemies of Commerce

By: Mr. James Garfield Bollingbrooke, Jr., Executive Officer

In these dark economic times, this Nation needs clear guidance. American consumers face unprecedented dangers from predatory lenders, failed mortgage houses, unemployment, inflationary currency policies and rising interest rates. Why has this come to pass? The answer is simple: Federal regulation of the securities markets. Since 1933, the Federal government has incessantly meddled in private commercial affairs. It has created monolithic bureaus that harass business with burdensome paperwork requirements and picayune micromanagement. Rather than protect the public from fraud, these Federal bureaus have dramatically increased the costs of doing business, crippling the spirit of free enterprise that drives this Nation. It is time to reverse the tide. It is time to abolish the SEC and every other bureau that interferes with the securities markets. If elected, we promise not only to abolish antiquated Federal programs like the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, but also to prosecute every current and former employee of the SEC for actively undermining commerce in this country. By criminalizing interference with commerce, we will send a clear message that our citizens do not tolerate vexatious governmental meddling in their business affairs. We promise a return to prosperity. We promise a business environment where every man can bargain as he wishes, without having to file thousands of documents and report private economic data. What is freedom, after all, if not liberty from governmental restraint? Vote for privacy. Vote for opportunity. And vote for a vibrant economic future in which America leads the global economy.

Contented Network of Employed Persons Without a Shred of Compassion for Unemployed Persons

By : Joshua A. Parker, Insurance Adjuster and Employed-Person-in-Charge (EPIC)

In our country, employment is not a right. One must earn employment; it does not magically appear in one’s lap. To find employment is to fulfill the American dream. We are living the dream because we work. Yet all too many lollygaggers sit around all day without a job, blaming the “system” for their own listlessness. We, the Contented Network of Employed Persons, have a message for these sluggards: It’s not our problem that you aren’t employed. We are getting our paychecks, how about you? Nope! And like we care. You complain that the “economy is bad” or you “don’t have a parent who can get you a job.” Again, how is that our problem? We have jobs because we got an education and knew someone who was hiring. Sure, we might have been hired during better times, but what can we say? That’s the way the cookie crumbles, compadre. You tell us that you have an education, too, but can’t find work to save your life because companies aren’t hiring in a recession. Well, maybe it’s time to start lowering your expectations a little bit. You can’t start at the top, after all. Not only that, why should we care about you? It’s not our problem that you are living with your parents or can’t pay your medical bills. I have a job. You, on the other hand, are a complaining loser and you deserve exactly what you’re getting. You’re worried that you don’t have health insurance because you’re unemployed and you don’t have any money to pay for it yourself. Hello! If you just applied yourself and got a job like the rest of us, you wouldn’t be whining anymore. Who really cares about your problems, anyway? I show up at my job every morning and go home every night. I get paid on Friday and drink on the weekends. I am happy. What possible difference does it make to me whether you have a job or not? This Election Day, vote for people like us who actually work for a living. Who cares about unemployment? Let’s focus on questions that actually matter. We have no time as a Nation to worry about people who don’t matter.

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