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Here at Reason, Commerce, Justice & Free Beer, we aim to help everyone find a job that suits them. To find what we like, it is important to have a diverse palate. Just as we do not know what kinds of food we like until we sample a few different varieties, so too must we sample some jobs before we know what we really want to do. Today, it is our great honor to introduce Mr. Stanley F. Geldman, who has generously agreed to write about his line of work. Mr. Geldman is a highly successful man. He has long encouraged young people to get interested in employment. In his statement, he describes in specific terms the kinds of things he does every day at his job. Mr. Geldman loves his job. He hopes that you will find inspiration to do what you love.

Enjoy Mr. Geldman's article. And as always, best of luck in your search for meaningful, sustaining employment!

What Kind of Business I Do

By: Stanley F. Geldman, CEO, The Contract Group

Many people ask me what kind of business I do. The answer is simple: I’m in the contract and property business. Essentially, I deal in contracts and property, as well as contracts for or about property. Certainly that is a general description, but let me explain some details to more precisely illustrate the sort of work that occupies me every day.

Many contracts involve conditions. So I deal with conditions to pay, or not to pay, or to pay on certain days of the month, or at certain times during the year, or at a certain interest rate. Therefore, it can be said that my business also involves payments. And because it involves payments, my business involves creditors, debtors, accounts, invoices, rights and defaults. Generally speaking, my business concerns payors and payees; but it also involves promisors and promisees. More specifically, my business touches upon people who seek property through contracts. By the way, sometimes I deal with contracts that require that people do things or refrain from doing things in order to eventually get their hands on property.

I would be misleading you if I told you that my business does not involve things. Every day at work I deal with things, as well as people’s relationships to those things. Money plays a role, as do clients. Clients, as a general matter, seek property through contracts. Contracts help them get the property they seek in a way that helps them. If they don’t have much money, they won’t have too much to say about the contract, but at least they are getting some property out of the deal. That’s all that really matters, anyway.

Now, my business depends upon speech and language. Language is necessary to create contracts. And contracts create rights. So one could definitely say that my business involves rights. My clients want rights in property, and they get them through contracts. Therefore, to be particular, my business involves liens, obligations, security and collateral. This gets back to another aspect of my business: payments. I deal with payments every day, both as a payee and payor. My clients have come to expect excellence with regard to my abilities concerning property.

Contracts are not the only things that occupy me at work. In fact, I deal with bills, notes, instruments, certificates, deeds, drafts, checks, accounts, mortgages and chattel paper, as well. All of these things help me keep track of property. So, in a sense, my business involves payment and obligation systems, as well as property. Occasionally, banks will enter the picture. But basically, property is what it’s all about.

Sometimes I wonder where I would be without property. It really does make my business what it is today. I am thankful for the opportunity to deal with property. Without it, it would truly be difficult to draw contracts, create accounts, pursue collections, enforce rights, decline loans or please clients. I am also thankful for the fact that not everyone has property. That is why they come to me for help in getting it.

That, in a nutshell, is what I do for a living. I think I’ve said enough to explain my business. Property has helped me. It can help you, too.


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