Monday, September 22, 2008


By : John S. McCain, United States Senator (R-AZ) and Republican Candidate for President of the United States

We cannot allow Barack Hussein Obama to become President of the United States. If elected, Obama would take this Nation down a dangerous path toward universal health care, peaceful relations with foreign powers, greater educational opportunity, higher wages, improved environmental protection and more welfare. He is an enemy of American business. He would dishonor our fighting men and women by hastily withdrawing them from Iraq. America must hold firm in Iraq for at least the next 100 years. Any other course would betray the ideals for which we fight. Obama contends that it would better honor our armed forces to take them from harm’s way in a country that has nothing to do with America. He believes that the environment should take precedence over America’s freedom from Middle Eastern oil barons. He believes taxes should be the reward for success in America and that everyone deserves a chance. This is rubbish. In response to all Obama’s proposed actions I have but one answer: We cannot allow a communist Muslim negro to lead this Nation. No one with the name “Hussein” should ever lead a Nation of Freedom. Neither Barack, nor Hussein, nor Obama are American names. My name is John McCain. These are both American names, not Muslim ones. What message would we send to Islamic terrorists bent on killing every American if we elect a man with an Islamic name? If we elect Barack Hussein Obama, the terrorists win. Good citizens of the United States of America, look no further than names and skin color. I am John McCain. I am Christian and white. I am a war hero. I stand against terror. He is Barack Hussein Obama. He is Muslim and black. He would deliver this Nation into the hands of her enemies. He never bore arms against Communist hordes in defense of this Christian Republic; no one named Hussein ever could. And let us never forget that only one letter separates Obama from Osama. On September 11, 2001, our Nation declared war on all people named Osama. This year, our Nation is seriously considering making a man President who is only one letter removed from Osama. We stand on a precipice: Do not allow this travesty to befall our Christian Republic. We must not elect a communist Muslim negro. I am John McCain, and I endorsed this message.

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