Thursday, September 11, 2008


Knights of Christ United in Faith to Banish the Devil and Orgasms from America

By : Archbishop Gabriel Winfield Wright, Chief Spiritual Administrator and Knight of Christ

Scripture assures us that “the Lord works in mysterious ways.” True that may be, but we must never forget that the Devil, too, hatches designs in the shadows. In recent years, Satan has silently infiltrated our great land, seducing our political and social discourse. Despite “improvements” in medicine, communications and other technologies, this Nation has sadly regressed in the field of faith. It is time to stop this backslide, here and now. Why does our Nation, founded by men of faith, now permit doctors to murder unborn children? Why does our Nation, founded by men of faith, now permit virtually limitless access to pornography? And why—oh, why—does our Nation, founded by men of faith, place its trust in the Devil’s tools, such us science, logic and reason? “Forgive them, O Lord, for they know not what they do,” says the Scripture. Yes, the Lord will forgive the sinner, but here on Earth, we the faithful must take steps to correct his errant ways. To correct the sinner, we must restore his faith. To restore his faith, we must expunge Satan’s hateful influence from his mind. Today, all too many Americans look forward only to engaging in fornication or—worse—adultery on the weekends. They crave the lustful pleasures of the flesh like brute beasts, distracting their minds from attention to the Lord. It is the orgasm that distracts the sinner. It is the orgasm that has derailed this Nation from the path of faith onto the cursed path of Lucifer. Orgasms are evil. They dominate the minds of the wicked and lead astray the minds of the righteous. In the quest for transient, carnal delights, our Nation has turned its back on God. It should scarcely surprise us that we are now embroiled in an intractable war in Iraq while confronting recession and desperation at home. “Vengeance is mine, and I will repay,” says the Lord. Today he takes His vengeance on the United States for its wretched commitment to the orgasm. We, the Knights of Christ United to Banish the Devil and Orgasms from America, are determined to crush Satan this year. Vote for faith in 2008. Vote to break the orgasm’s strangling grip on our Nation. Only through faith—not logic—can we halt the Devil’s insidious march. And only true faith will turn our minds from the orgasm to the true bliss of heavenly ecstasy.

Americans for the Imprisonment of All Pakistanis

By : Mr. Tom D. Skinner, President and Warden

Only a fool would say that Pakistan is not our Nation’s worst foreign enemy. The bottom line is that we are losing the War on Terror because we are not summarily imprisoning every single Pakistani on the face of the earth. As you may know, cowardly Pakistanis and other Arabs crashed American airliners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, killing thousands of innocent American financial workers, lawyers, brokers, commuters, bankers, administrative assistants, data entry temps, firemen, military aides, several Second Lieutenants and at least one Major. Although President Bush bravely took the initiative against the terrorist swine by invading Afghanistan, he deluded himself by believing that Pakistan was our ally. In the years that followed, Pakistan—safe from American arms—cultivated its terror network and carried out several devastating local terror strikes throughout the world. Still, our government stood powerlessly by, committing its forces against Arabs in Iraq rather than the true criminals in Pakistan. Pakistan is a witches’ hive of terror, Islam and idolatry. Unless we act quickly, Pakistani agents—equipped with chemical, biological or nuclear weapons—will surely strike again. Afghan vagabonds take refuge in Pakistan, shielding themselves from our gallant armies while plotting future attacks. We must free ourselves from the ignorance of the past and focus our energies on the true enemy: Pakistan. We promise to detain every Pakistani now living. We promise to protect America through measures calculated to neutralize our greatest threats. In this election, vote to protect America. Protect our way of life from Pakistani terror. Put a party in power that has the will to do what must be done: Imprison all Pakistanis. After all, an imprisoned Pakistani cannot hijack a plane or carry a dirty bomb into an American city. Vote for security in 2008. Put the Pakistani menace behind bars now—and defend freedom.

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